Project Consultation

We pride ourselves in conducting our business in a straightforward and transparent manner, and this runs through the heart of everything we do.  We want our clients to feel informed and in control of every aspect of their project; from clear pricing and construction plans, honest building feasibility studies and encouraging open feedback. 

We never underestimate the role good communication plays in ensuring a successful design and build, which is why we implement the following procedures:

Daily Site Updates:

Daily communication and progress outline during critical programme stages for each trade package currently onsite will be circulated throughout the Project Team to summarise progress from the previous day and encourage a proactive site approach.

Weekly Review:

We strongly believe in our weekly project meetings where we sit together with the client to discuss all aspects of the project.  A project report is issued prior to the meeting which highlights the following:

  • Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Health, Safety, Environment & Welfare
  • Procurement
  • Programme & Progress
  • Architectural Design & Specifications
  • Services (MEP, IT, Security, etc)
  • Financial
  • Key Issues
  • Site Pictures
Progress 50%
Progress 40%
Progress 80%

During this meeting, and tracked in each report, will highlight both achievements and challenges faced during the construction phase of the project. 

Project Milestones / Monthly Progress

Based on the duration of the project, an outline is put in place, designed and agreed by the Contractor and Client, to evaluate both site development and corresponding payments for the defined milestones.  This plan is developed alongside the design, Bill of Quantities and Contract.

A site walkthrough with the Client representative and AJG Project Manager  is scheduled to assess onsite progress and sign off corresponding documents.